Mahindra Tractor

Mahindra Tractors are the no.1 Indian tractor and farm equipment brand, known especially for their exceptionally built and strong performance on tough terrains. This is why Mahindra Tractors are dubbed as ‘Tough Hardum’ – because they are ready to take on any challenge.

Enhanced Engine Cooling

12F + 3R Gears

Advanced Control Valve

Modern Constant Mesh Transmission

Powerful Engine

Best-In-Class Lift Capacity

Bigger Air Cleaner and Radiator


More Powerfull RIM

Better traction can improve the wheel's ability to grip the ground or surface it's rolling on, which can increase its power.

More Powerfull Engine

Increasing the compression ratio of the engine can increase power output by improving combustion efficiency.

All New Suspension

New suspension technologies, such as active suspension or air suspension, can offer improved performance and ride quality.

Comfortable Seat

The materials used for the seat are chosen based on their ability to provide support, durability, and comfort.

All New Brakes

New braking technologies, such as electronic brake-force distribution or anti-lock braking systems, can improved performance and safety

Digital Speedometer

The size and placement of the digital speedometer display depend on the vehicle type and dashboard design.

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