Atul Auto

ATUL is moving to plug the inter-city (hubs) transportation needs with three-wheelers which fulfils the need for last mile connectivity in goods transport. Every ATUL cargo vehicle has world class features that will help you conquer any competition in the roughest of business environments. A powerful engine, sturdy built, easy manoeuvrability and a great mileage ensure that when you own an ATUL Auto, you own the power to shape your destiny. This range is available across the fuel range - Diesel, Petrol, CNG, LPG and Electric.

Low Operating Cost

More Mileage

High Earnings

Low Maintenance

Powerful Engine

Strong Body

Lesser Engine Notice


Specially Hardened Brake Discs

The design of the brake disc are optimized to ensure even heat distribution and minimize stress concentrations.

Excellent Fuel Capacity

The fuel system are designed to prevent fuel leaks and ensure proper fuel delivery. This includes the fuel lines, fuel pump, fuel filter, and other components.

Our Own Proprietary Electronics

Proprietary electronics are designed for high reliability and durability to ensure that they operate effectively over the life of the vehicle.

Long Travel Suspension

Long-travel suspension systems are subjected to high forces and stress, so the design are consider on the durability of the components and their ability to withstand wear and tear.

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